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Driscoll Takes Issue On SMTI Building Cost

TitleDriscoll Takes Issue On SMTI Building Cost
Publication TypeNewspaper Article
Year of Publication1966
Secondary TitleNew Bedford Standard-Times
Date PublishedMay 19
Publication Languageeng
Keywords/, 1918-1997, 1963-, 1966-1969, 2, Building, Dartmouth, Driscoll, Group, Joseph, Leo, MA, Marvin, Massachusetts, North, of, Paul, Rudolph, SMTI, UMass, University

On the previous page of this issue, page 22 is pictured a recently completed science building at Brown University that is cost compared to Group 2 unfavorably. President Driscoll and the proponents of SMTI were in the midst of a nasty war of words with the New Bedford Standard-Times over the development of the school. The controversial Basil Brewer was the leader of the newspaper.

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