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Presentation Drawings by American Architects

TitlePresentation Drawings by American Architects
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1977
AuthorsKemper, Alfred
Place PublishedNew York
Publication Languageeng
Call NumberNA2700.P73
Keywords(Healy, (Now, (with, 1890-1978, 1918-1997, 1948, 1950, 1951, 1958-1964, 1958-1969, 1959-1961, 1969-1972, 1982-1986, Addition, AL, and, Architecture, Art, Building, Built, Burroughs, Chapel, Cocoon, Company, Corporate, CT, Dining, Facility, FL, GlaxoSmithKline), Guest, Haven, Headquarters, House, House), Institute, Jacksonville, Key, Knott, Marvin, Milam, NC, New, Not, Office, Park, Paul, Ponte, Project, Quality, Ralph, Research, Residence, Revere, Rudolph, Sarasota, Siesta, Triangle, Tuskegee, Twitchell, Twitchell), University, Vedra, Wellcome, Yale, Yankeetown

None of the drawings are labeled.

Citation Key2309